"Wedding Dress, the college friends edition." 

"Wedding Dress,the college friends edition." 
Coffee. Just the girls. Saturday morning. 
Friends from college, together at one table, for the first time in decades. 
Births. Deaths. The stories. The songs. Who we have become. What we know now, what we couldn't have known then. Forgiveness, of each other and ourselves. 
Greta, who’s experience is part of the song, beside me. Laurie, on the other side, who knows the words by heart and the harmony even better, capturing the moment. 
Tears. Laughter. Singing. 
Laurie sent it to Greta and me late last night while I was writing a song for this Thursday’s show, the first I have written in a while, and I wanted to get it right. 
It was a perfectly timed reminder to seek the bright, healing light of art, music and most of all friendship when faced with a moonless night. 

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