A Good Chance You’ll have a GREAT Time!

I have the great joy of hosting the Singer Songwriter Circle at FitzGerald's on the third Tuesday of each month. 

This past month, musical glitterati Gerald Dowd and Casey McDonough were the special guests, and they were spectacular! And we…

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Mother's Day: All the Good We Do is Never Lost

There she is. Mrs. McCarthy, as they called her at the High School, or as I called her in the grocery store when she wouldn't turn around after I yelled MOM! a thousand times.

If you said Mrs. McCarthy she…

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Public service announcement on the topic of the miracle.
We think it's going to arrive with a giant bow and gleaming red lipstick, a four-door convertible screaming into the parking lot doing a half moon and stopping just at the…

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Haiku Milieu at Golden Dagger

Jenny and Jon Williams singing "Follow the River" at the March 31, 2023 Haiku Milieu concert.

Last Friday's Haiku Milieu concert at Golden Dagger in Chicago was one of those very special, alchemical nights between artist and audience. If you…

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Getting What You Want is Wonderful

Originally published in the Sunday Haiku Milieu newsletter. Sign up here: haikumilieu.com.

I got what I wanted, and it was wonderful.

A while ago now, I remember going to a shop that had been in one location forever and the…

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1/7, 6:30 online and 8:30 in person!

Nothing ever ends 
without possibility  
and hope being born

An oldie but a goodie, from the first New Year after I started taking photo and haiku as a daily practice.  

I still feel the exuberance in the air from that…

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2023 Haiku Milieu Gifts - shipping on me!

Lately I start this email on Saturday, and finish it up in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Right now, I wonder where you are?  If you are starting to wake up?  Starting to think about the day or week…

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