Her songs are fresh and honest, falling somewhere between winking innocence and worldly detachment.”

— Waterbug Records

Jenny Bienemann

Jenny is an award-winning singer/songwriter who garners international radio play with 3 studio albums and 2 live albums.  She has opened for Greg Brown, John Gorka, Sons of the Never Wrong, Steve Dawson, and Louden Wainwright III among many. 

She is a published author, the poet and photographer behind the Haiku Milieu series which includes three books, an audiobook, a soundtrack, the Sunday Haiku Milieu Email Club, the Haiku Milieu YouTube channel, and a concert series of songs inspired by Haiku Milieu.

For the Haiku Milieu concert series, she invites fellow songwriters to write songs based on a photo and haiku.  She collects the songs as videos, and gathers them into concert "movies."  The Haiku Milieu YouTube channel now features more than 225 original songs inspired by her haiku and photo.

Jenny has a monthly musical residencies at FitzGerald's and Friendly Tap, and teaches workshops and classes on creativity and songwriting..  

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Every Soul Grows to the Light is Jenny's best recording yet - most highly recommended!” - Lilli Kuzma

Folk Festival, WDCB

When you look at a painting, you may see through the artist's eye. When you listen to Jenny's songs, you hear the whisper of her muse.” - George Maida

— WCVE, The Eclectic Crowde

Listen carefully - Jenny has much to say in a quiet way. One of the best CDs in my mailbag!” - Chris McGill

WSPN, Simpatico