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2-cd HAIKU MILIEU Audiobook and Soundtrack

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70 minutes of spoken word and music Disc 1 is the Audiobook:  where the typical audiobook shares just the words, Jenny Bienemann reads the words, and describes the photos!  It is the perfect companion for waking, falling asleep, riding in the car, or when you just need to elevate your thoughts. Disc 2 is the Soundtrack:  the perfect companion for reading the book HAIKU MILIEU, or anytime you need music without words to lift your spirits, the soundtrack features the music that underscores the audiobook.  

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TIP JAR!  Free gift: download of "Someone"
  • TIP JAR!  Free gift: download of "Someone"
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TIP JAR! Free gift: download of "Someone"

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YOU HAVE DONE IT NOW! Art requires collaboration, and YOU join the fun when you support the tip jar. Tip jar contributions in all amounts make a difference! As my way of saying thanks, please enjoy the download of the song "Someone," which has not yet been released on an album. THANK YOU!

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