Before Anything

Before anything  

did or did not go as planned  

you were just yourself  


And afterwards, when  

you got or did not get what   

you had hoped you would  


you were still there; but  

now with an experience   

you think defines you  



have enough of these  

and you can start to lose track  

of just who you are  


am I the result  

of the responses I get  

to the things I do;  


or, is who I am  

valuable no matter what  

the response may be? 



if you still have to 

prove yourself on steep ladders 

one rung at a time  


as if someone else   

could give you what only you    

can give to yourself  


you might have outgrown 

the tiny little spaces  

you let yourself have  



you are not alive 

to prove your right to exist  

but to be yourself 


whatever you do  

whatever you think they think  

enjoy who you are 


that's your only job

being the one and only

you that ever lived


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