FitzGerald's Open Mic

2020: the year of collaboration continues. 

We have to “make” so many things. It starts first thing in the day with “making the bed.” “making the coffee.” “making nice,” so we can “make a living.” If we get in an argument, we “make up.” As I write this I understand why the mere whisper of the word “make” will “make” us break out in a sweat. 

Every Tuesday night, there is an Open Mic in at FitzGerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois. Robin and I try to get there each week. One warm summer night, we were all sitting around listening and chatting, and we decided to make something. Together. 

This loose band of miscreants, err, I mean musicians, decided for that night that they could draw. One frame grew from another, one artist took inspiration from another, and one artist peered so intently at it by the light of a votive candle that it caught on fire. We shared it on the Fitzgerald's Tuesday Night Musicians page. Someone called it an Open Mic artifact. I like that. 

It was a simple as deciding we were going to do it. We flipped over an old piece of direct mail lying around behind the bar to its blank page, divided it into quadrants, and passed the paper among us. I have not tagged the artists in this post, not just because they are not all on Facebook, also because there are some things you just “make” for your self. And each other. And maybe just maybe, for someone else someday. 

On April 24 at The Outtaspace, we're going to do a whole Haiku Milieu concert where the pieces are created in collaboration. Hope you can join us.  More info at

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