1. You Never Know

From the recording Every Soul Grows to the Light

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You Never Know

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Written as the songwriter was taking leave of a visit with her parents when her father said, "Jenny, it was great to see you. I guess you just don't know how lonely you are, until you're not." That became the jumping off point for the song.

Jenny Bienemann, vocals and guitar; Andon Davis, guitar; Klem Hayes, bass; Heather Lynne Horton, violin; Isaac Lyons, accordion; Ron Lazzeretti, harmony vocals; Jodi Walker, harmony vocals.


You Never Know
Jenny Bienemann
Climb up the stairs, turn down the light
Let the whole world spin without us tonight
My mind is racing, it won’t slow down much
Until I feel the warmth of your touch
You never know, you never know
You never know how lonely you are
Until you’re not
Picked up the phone, it was a long-lost friend
She’d been traveling, was back in town again
We got to laughing and when it turned to tears she said
I didn’t know how much I missed my friends back here
You never know, you never know
You never know how lonely you are until you’re not
And all the things I thought I had to fear
Fade away whenever
You are near
I lay me down in your sheltering arms
Pray for peace and deliverance from
The greatest harm that could come to you and me
Which is if one of us forgets we used to be so lonely
And now we’re not
Now we’re not