From the recording Every Soul Grows to the Light

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Love Resplendent

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Jenny Bienemann
Love, resplendent
Love, transcendent
Love, incandescent and true
Love, embracing
Love, retracing
Love, erasing with its warmest light
All the things
That you thought you’d never be able to make right
Hope, startling
Hope, heartening
Hope, sparkling and true
Hope, revealing
Hope, appealing
Hope, healing with its gentle hands
All the things
That didn’t turn out the way that you wished they had
Hold on, don’t let go
You, aching
You, breaking
You, shaking and true
Me, stumbling
Me, tumbling
Me, fumbling with the fondest heart
For the words
To lift you as you’ve lifted me when things fall apart
Hold on, don’t let go