1. Out on a Limb

From the recording Every Soul Grows to the Light

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Out on a Limb

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The words came in a flurry one Saturday morning, and the song was completed by Sunday afternoon. It arrived in the nick of time, just as tracking was about to be complete.

Jenny Bienemann, vocals and guitar; Andon Davis, guitar; Klem Hayes, bass; Heather Lynne Horton, violin; Isaac Lyons, accordion; Ron Lazzeretti, harmony vocals; Jodi Walker, harmony vocals.


Jenny Bienemann
Out on limb, way up in a tree
I’d like to think you are up here with me
It’s the plain and simple truth
Wherever I am, I am with you
When daylight runs out and evening turns cold
You might think being out on a limb would get old
But it’s such a great view
Up here where I can almost see you
I wish things were easier, most days for sure
I wish the wolf was further from the door
Even if my wishes came true
I’d still be happiest when I think of you
So let it all come, the ebb and the flow
The conquests, the losses, and all the people we know
Through it all I’ll surrender
Wherever we are, we are together