1. Quicksand

From the recording Every Soul Grows to the Light

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Written over the course of several months, on many different car trips, thinking of loved ones enduring trials.

Jenny Bienemann, vocals and guitar; Andon Davis, guitar; Klem Hayes, bass; Heather Lynne Horton, violin; Isaac Lyons, accordion; Ron Lazzeretti, harmony vocals; Jodi Walker, harmony vocals.


Jenny Bienemann
I know who you are, you fall down so hard
I know who you are, on your knees in the dark
I’ve got your hand when nothing goes as planned
And everything feels just like quicksand
When your words do
The opposite of what you
Want them to do
Find me, I’ll be tugging at your sleeve
         Of all the cruel things the darkness
         Would lead you to believe
The  worst is that you could do something
Or say something and somehow cease
To be mine, you will always be mine
So when what you choose
Is contradicts what you
Thought you would do
Find me, in the air you breathe
Find me,  I’ll be tugging at your sleeve
Find me, I’ll be singing you to sleep