From the recording Every Soul Grows to the Light

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Biggest Mistake

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Written in a movie theatre during the second half of Batman vs. Superman, comprised of notes Bienemann had gathered in the notepad of her phone.

Jenny Bienemann, vocals and guitar; Andon Davis, guitar and mandolin; Klem Hayes, bass; Heather Lynne Horton, violin; Isaac Lyons, accordion; Ron Lazzeretti, harmony vocals; Jodi Walker, harmony vocals.


Jenny Bienemann
Flipping through the magazine of my grudges on Sunday
I have nothing to complain about
Maybe that’s why I keep wondering why
You didn’t come around
Maybe you weren’t alone
Simply weren’t free
Or maybe the biggest mistake you didn’t make
Was me
Was it a misunderstanding in the rain
Or a promise better broken than kept
I don’t know why I can’t stop wondering why
You didn’t come back
Maybe you were tired, had to get off your feet
Or maybe the biggest mistake you didn’t make
Was meeting me
                                Oh, they all say time will heal this pain
                                Oh, they all say we’ll get back to normal again
                                They don’t say when I will feel better
                                They only say someday I will
Turn left I’m right by the tree
It’s coming down hard now, and I fell down good
Wondering why you did not come for me
When somehow, somehow, I just thought you would
Maybe you were stranded, out in the cold
Or maybe the biggest mistake you didn’t make
Was holding me