1. Pottery Barn

From the recording Late Night Elaborations

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Pottery Barn

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Pottery Barn Catalogue
Jenny Bienemann

The Pottery Barn Catalogue, The Old Man and the Sea
My coffee table books distract you from you
you transport yourself with the trinkets of our age
while I turn the other cheek each time you turn the page

Well is it my cellulite or the hair on my toes
I’ve seen you in the corner of my eye picking your nose
we’re all imperfect but I’m perfectly aware
of when you are listening and when you are not there

but life is for the living and the living is now
and I’ll get over being ignored and forgive you somehow
when you awaken from your book induced reverie
your first coherent words are “did you say something to me?”

What? Huh?
I’ve been speaking for age upon age
But I guess my words would compel you more
if written on a page
bound in a picture book, on a coffee table
for your convenience to browse through
when you are able

but then you put your arms around me
and hold me with your brown eyes
I can’t stay angry especially after you say
the best thing you read was what was between the lines
of what I just said

Now if this story sounds familiar to you
you can give away all your magazines and burn your books too
but you will discover if its not one thing, its another
and people in love will always need space between each other

The Pottery Barn Catalogue, The Old Man and the Sea
At least it’s just my books that distract you from me