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Rose of the Past

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Rose of the Past
Jenny Bienemann

We don’t talk too much any more
I didn’t understand that you wouldn’t keep in touch with me
I thought it would be more mutual, we’d both sort of let it go
But you’ve let go much sooner than me
You must have known it would be so

That’s why you cried so hard when I didn’t
That’s why you held on so hard
And that’s why you and your black crepe eyes so mourned
the passing of the guard

Or maybe you just knew that part of yourself
but how could I have guessed
our closeness was based on proximity
not on the things you and I confessed
the phone rings and you’re not around
I never get a return call
I make excuses why I don’t hear back
til the summer turns into fall

Today I think it’s not something I did
but there are days I do
It’s just that the petal has to fall off of the flour
before the seeds can break through

So I’ll call one more time and remember
spring follows winter at last
and the bloom of the future flower
grows from the rose of the past