1. Wedding Dress

From the recording Late Night Elaborations

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Wedding Dress

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Wedding Dress
Jenny Bienemann

Something in me trusted something in you
The time came when we were more than two
And now some nights when I’m still awake late
And our future together seems a questionable fate
I put on some lipstick, have a glass of wine
And court the solace of the passing of time

I saw a wedding dress in the window

I bought that dress to wed a different man
I borrowed money to buy it
It was love at first sight, not unlike you and me
That dress was mine before I even tried it
Now I have this dress in the back of my mind
Though I gave it away years ago
I wonder tonight if you and I will fade away
Like that dress I was reminded of today

I saw a wedding dress in the window

Wine glass in the sink, a little water to drink
An excuse to linger in the moon’s shining
Loathe to turn away from the dying of the day
My heart is stabbed with the beauty of this pining
But I will lay me down, wrap my body all around yours
And love you through the opening and closing of these doors
For you and I might fade but not the love we made
I will hold that in my heart forever