1. Downpour

From the recording Late Night Elaborations

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Jenny mines rich songwriting material from the often-overlooked moments of everyday life. Her original songs, recorded in the studio, live, and on the radio, have been collected in this striking first album.


Jenny Bienemann

Sitting at a bus stop combing my wet hair
Waiting for the rain to stop so I could get somewhere
Anywhere but there
The man to my right said “I had dreams, they were wrapped around me like
That lock of hair wraps around your comb…”

In the downpour

Looking at him sideways I pulled my hair
From the teeth of my plastic comb and set it down
Between us on the bench
He was like a dessert flower in the rain out of place and half insane
I could smell alcohol and regret

In the downpour

I don’t know why in the rain it feels so good to cry
I don’t know what for, but in the rain you’ve got to let it pour

Man, woman, comb, bus, hair dreams
Constellations of unrelated things
Converge as fate in the end
Star crossed strangers in the rain, he took the bus that finally came
And I went home with no regrets

In the downpour