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6:30 am Sunday through Friday


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CREATE and BUILD Meditations
6:30 am Sunday - Friday
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WE ARE ALIVE, in the middle of an historic transformation.  Much of what we thought could never change is changing.  NOW is a wonderful, terrifying, thrilling time to bring our selves and our work into the world in new ways.

PLEASE JOIN ME...At 6:30 am, Sunday through Friday, I am offering the CREATE and BUILD meditations in a 20-minute format, woven out of years of exploration of techniques to help me stay grounded, open, and creative.  

MY HOPE in doing this is to deepen: 
- our authenticity
- our communion with our spirit 
- our joy in being ourselves, in life and art.

Email to let me know you'd like to participate, and I will send you the Zoom link.

SPECIAL NOTE: No need to tip.  This is my free-will offering,  The presence of others amplifies the creative force and infuses our creations with greater vibrance. Feel free to invite any friends you wish.

I am not retaining emails or automatically adding them to my list.  While you are welcome to get to know my work, is not necessary for us to come together for the CREATE Meditation.