"A romance started with us being crazy about each other's songs and music."”

Chicago Tribune, Lake County News-Sun

Jenny and Robin live on WGN at Uncommon Ground Lakeview



Songwriters Weekend At White Oak Savanna

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White Oak Savanna

Join instructors Jenny Bienemann and Steve Dawson for a weekend dedicated to the singer-songwriter. In the DYI days of music-making it can be hard to trace a path from starting a song idea to releasing a finished. Steve and Jenny have crafted a weekend of workshops, exercises and sharing, designed to empower singer-songwriters to own the process. Attendees will learn how to find inspiration, refine their ideas, put together a finished product and navigate the logistical challenges of recording and releasing their works. There is no better place to focus on one’s craft than White Oak Savanna. The peaceful nature sanctuary provides a peaceful space to create while the modern facilities include stage and sound for practicing performance. Meals included in the registration fee are: Friday Dinner Saturday Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Sunday Brunch

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The husband and wife duo of Robin and Jenny Bienemann are both singer-songwriters and instrumentalists.

By turns hilarious and heartfelt, this cutting-edge acoustic duo melds original and traditional music with an elegant hint of jazz.  Robin's wild guitar stylings harken back to the earliest forms of jazz, blues and country guitar. Jenny’s voice and guitar playing evokes comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Ricki Lee Jones. Both write songs that are celebrations of modern life in all of its wonderful, strange and hilarious beauty, garnering airplay on National Public Radio, Dr. Demento, and The Midnight Special.




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Jenny and Robin LIVE at Folkstage’ was recorded as part of 98.7 WFMT’s Folkstage radio program.