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Haiku Milieu poet and visual artist Jenny Bienemann invites friends to write songs based on one of her Haiku Milieu images and haiku. At the After Dark Show songwriters tackle topics that are not handled during the daylight hours, a.k.a. sexy songs, or songs of a kind of nature we can’t play before the kids go to bed. we cap the evening off with cake in honor of Robin Bienemann’s birthday.


Interview on Marty McCormack’s Strung Out podcast

Listen in to Switchback’s Marty McCormack’s interview streaming on all platforms.

Jenny Bienemann is a powerhouse. She works at fundraising for the Music Institute of Chicago, a job that requires a great deal of patience, communication and passion. She is a mother; she is wife to fellow singer-songwriter Robin Bienemann. She gives songwriting workshops. She publishes haiku poetry and has sessions in which artist carve songs from the haiku she creates. She has helped struggling songwriters get in touch with the muse, which from her songs, seems like they are on a name to name basis. She is poised, elegant, witty and serious at the same time. And, she manages two websites: www. and Oh, she also is an artist and has a weekly newsletter. No moss grows under this rock. Enjoy meeting and hearing the wisdom of Chicago singer-songwriter Jenny Bienemann.

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