Joe Jencks’ “Let It Breathe” live from Two Way Street Coffeehouse

Dear friend and award winning singer/songwriter and Joe Jencks wrote “Let it Breathe” inspired by this Sunday Haiku Milieu:

Lay down your weapons
Love has got you surrounded
There is no way out

I had the pleasure of witnessing Joe's performance from the stage at Two Way Street Coffeehouse, contributing harmonies, and being part of the heavenly choir when Joe invited the entire room to sing towards the end of the song. Enjoy the video Robin captured of this special song.

Learn more at You can also enjoy Joe performing “Let It Breathe” solo live on TV here.

You can find more songs inspired by my haiku at the Haiku Milieu YouTube channel, here.

“Let it Breathe” Copyright 2023, Joe Jencks – Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP

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