breathe.  unite.  invite.  let.  do.

7:00 am Sunday and Friday


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The BUILD Meditation
7:00 am Sunday and Friday
email for Zoom link

PLEASE JOIN ME...At 7:00 am, building on The CREATE Meditation, I am offering a meditation for those who have something specific they would like to bring to life.  

Together, we will: 

  • breathe with the unique blueprint of what we're creating,
  • unite with the inspiration that created it,
  • ignite the next steps so we can see and easily follow them.

Email to let me know you'd like to participate, and I will send you the Zoom link. There are two different Zoom links, so please let me know if you'd like the link The CREATE Meditation that goes before The BUILD Meditation as well.

SPECIAL NOTE: No need to tip.  This is my free-will offering,  The presence of others amplifies the creative force and infuses our creations with greater vibrance. Feel free to invite any friends you wish.

I am not retaining emails or automatically adding them to my list.  While you are welcome to get to know my work, is not necessary for us to come together for in meditation.