NEW! Haiku Milieu Greeting Cards

The Haiku Milieu-vians have spoken. 

This summer.  Ah, remember summer?  The sun rose around 5 am and it stayed light until almost 8 pm?  Yes.  Think back to THEN. 

And perhaps, there among the other wonderful memories of summer, you might remember filling out the annual Haiku Milieu survey?  The one where you tell me what you'd like to see happen next?  

You spoke, I listened.    

As Richard Dawson used to say on Family Feud, SURVEY SAYS! 

Haiku Milieu-vians, your resounding, #1 choice for what comes next is... 

Greeting cards! 

It strikes me that a greeting card is a form of presence, of being there for someone, whether in celebration or difficulty.  Letting them know you care.  "Holding space," as they say. 

I thought about you, me, us.  Who we know, who might be going through what.  How I would want the images and words of the Haiku Milieu greeting cards to be a friend to the person who receives the card, certainly; but also to the person who gives the card.   

With this in mind, I planned to launch a collection of 5 cards.  That swelled to 8 cards. And then in the final analysis, only 7 made the final cut.  

True story: I had my Mom look these over with me.  She loves every single one but the one I opted not to include.  I'd say she's biased but as an English teacher, she puts fidelity to literature on a par with fidelity to family - in fact, she "suggested," ahem, that I might want to, ahem, look at the grammar of one of the haiku...:)  Which I did, by the way.  Everyone needs an editor. 

You can see all the cards, even pre-order them, at the Haiku Milieu website.   They will be in-hand at the November 19 Haiku Milieu Local Honey concert at Outtaspace in Berwyn, along with books, music, and everything you need to not have to rely on USPS this holiday season.  I hope you love them! 

And, if there are haiku you'd like me to consider putting on a greeting card - let me know! 

Thanks again for your friendship and support.  It means the world to me.

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