ENJOY: Learning what not to do

We all make mistakes, and in the end, if you pay attention, you can even enjoy the process of learning what NOT to do. 

To wit: I was rushing.  I sent the Black Friday email out with typos. 
I knew I wanted to send something to my Sunday Haiku Milievians, but I didn’t know what.  And like so many things these days, I had no idea what to do.  I knew the ideas would come if I got started. But wanting to get started?  Not so much. 
So first I had coffee with my family.  My daughter Jessica was home!  She is AWESOME!  If you knew her you would say I was being smart, not procrastinatory.  
Then we had to survey the leftovers situation. Or, at least I did; she was busy roasting chickpeas.  Right?  Again, it’s just sensible sometimes to pay attention to what’s in front of you, especially the people you don’t get to see in person much these days. 
I will leave out the part about starting (not finishing) the laundry, the bills, the exercise; and how my husband, who had a gig we had to travel for, needed us to get going sooner than anticipated. 

Anyhow. I sat down, made an almost entirely complete email, and realized I wanted to do it differently. 
In a stare down with the clock, I was determined not to blink.  I photographed.  I cropped.  I placed.  I typed the text right. 

Or so I thought. 
When it was time to send the email, I couldn’t figure out why it felt like I should wait. I knew I should, but I didn’t see why, so I didn’t.  
Once it was out in the world, that's when I found the typos.  Don’t you hate that?  When you override yourself?  It's hard to accept.  I thought, “I'll need to fire my assistant.”  
But wait.  I AM my assistant.  
And if I fire myself, don’t I lose everyone else in the office too?  The creative director, the project manager, the photographer, the content writer, the graphic designer, the Haiku Milieu concert coordinator, the part-time barista and the hourly line drawing artist?  Since they are all also me, it seemed like a costly decision. 
So I reached out to said daughter wending her way home, and regaled her with my woes.  
She wrote back, “Shakespeare didn’t spell the same words the same way all the time.  Why should you?” 
Whoa.  Mind blown! 
Then I reached out to Jodi and Naomi, and we confirmed our definitions of family, chosen and blood, and agreed that Jessica satisfied the criteria for both. 
Then I told Robin and he said, “Welcome to the human race,” which was apt, as we’d just been talking about family (!).  It was a nice reminder that we ARE all one big family of humanity on this enormous, beautiful rock hurtling around the sun.  
We're all going to make mistakes.  This Black Friday, I got the gift of making one.  Unlike other times, I didn't punish myself; in fact if anything, I luxuriated in the love and care of those who helped me find my way through it, and felt more connected to the world as a result.  

Best of all, some generous (and dare I say discriminating!) people totally overlooked my typos, and are already making Haiku Milieu greeting cards part of their holiday gift giving!  You have no idea the boost this gives me!!  I’m thrilled to be sending the first batch out today. 

I really, really REALLY love it when people give my work as gifts. 
If there’s someone in your life who doesn’t need another book or CD, you can always sign them up for the Sunday Haiku Milieu email FOR FREE. If you tell me who they are, I’ll be sure to give them a warm welcome and make a fuss about you, our mutual friend, and how much we love you. 
As always, if you are moved to share my work as a singer/songwriter or Haiku Milieu with friends and family, just point these wonderful people to jennybienemann.com or haikumilieu.com. 
Happy start of the Holiday Season!

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