Andon Davis: Why I Do, What I do

Andon Davis. He is one of the most notorious guitar slingers on the planet, and among the least likely to call attention to himself. 

Every studio album I’ve ever made has Andon on it.  if I get offered a really big show, I check Andon’s schedule to make sure he can be there before I accept it. 

One time, the door on our China cabinet literally fell off its hinges just before he came over for a rehearsal.  He knew exactly what to do, and that’s just what he did: he put it back together.  Better than it was!  Why?  Because he’s Andon.  Even inanimate objects know that he just…makes things better. 

Speaking of making things better, he SPOKE his collaboration blog. 

While I know you love reading people’s thoughts on creativity and collaboration …and I do too…let’s expand our horizons together this week. 

Click the link, and you will be able to read AND listen to how he talks approaching other people’s songs:

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