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Steve Dawson: Last Flight Out album release

This week, the collaboration blog transforms into the Creativity & Collaboration blog.  And who better as a contributor?  None other than Steve Dawson, with whom I am privileged to sing this Friday, October 15, as part of the band for…

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Holding On

From September 18, 2017, the second week of Haiku Milieu: 

"Here, let me show you," 
she said.  "There's always a way," 
Then she just did it.

This photo and haiku is from four years ago.  The start of the second…

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Some things you live through

Happy 4th Anniversary of Haiku Milieu.

Wait - you're saying, didn't we have an anniversary last week? 

Yes!  Last week was the 2nd Anniversary of the Haiku Milieu Sunday Email. 

THIS week, we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the first…

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Kaitlin Wiza: Getting it Right

Know how you just know?  

I know.  

Yet, I don't know HOW I know, just THAT I know.  

And as it turns out, the only time I am truly interested in knowing "how" I know is when I feel like…

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Andon Davis: Why I Do, What I do

Andon Davis. He is one of the most notorious guitar slingers on the planet, and among the least likely to call attention to himself. 

Every studio album I’ve ever made has Andon on it.  if I get offered a really…

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Sugar Candy

‘Sugar Candy’ is a song about grappling with aging parents.  I wrote it, played it, and sang it, and Tom Ryan recorded it live at Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn, Illinois during my father's last summer. 

The video is from July 2021…

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Heather Styka: "Have you been working on anything new?"

Heather Styka: singer, songwriter, poet.  She sings smart, disarming songs with vintage vocals.  

I met Heather when she was just graduating college, shortly before she was the first place winner in the Big Top Chautauqua Songwriting Competition, then second place…

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"A Stranger to Talk To"

Each Sunday, I send the Sunday Haiku Milieu email. The first Sunday of each month is New Song Sunday, and I include a new song.  Here is this month’s song, “Stranger.” 


There are two versions: the Sunday Haiku…

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