Jenny's World and Welcome To It

Good Company is Good

Robin and I were both home sick and working remotely this week.    

Tristan, who usually presses his lanky frame against my husband’s leg all day while he works, had chosen instead to cast himself down upon the cool hardwood floor…

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Haiku at Twilight and One Line Just This Long

It was EPIC! 

The July 28, Haiku Milieu at Twilight at Montrose Saloon was one for the record books.  

For the first time ever, the songwriters were supported by a rhythm section of some of the most in-demand…

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Annie Capps: How Can I Say This?

I am so proud of Annie Capps. 

She is an incredible friend, gifted artist (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer) and an inveterate supporter of other artists.  She's about to say some very nice things about me (and to be honest…

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Before Anything

Before anything  

did or did not go as planned  

you were just yourself  


And afterwards, when  

you got or did not get what   

you had hoped you would  



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Bless All The Mothers

There she is, my mom. Isn't she lovely?  She doesn’t want me to tell you how old she is.  She tells me she reads this, but I have my doubts.  I bet I could get away with it.  Still, out…

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Good Enough is All Perfect Was Trying To Be

Fun week!  Fun couple of weeks, actually, with Easter and a college reunion.  Even so, the most fun thing I do all week is put together this Sunday Haiku Milieu email. 

So imagine this morning, when I realized I hadn't…

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Sliding Home

You only get one group of THOSE college friends. 

You know the ones I mean.  In our case, we spent from 9 am - 1 pm together, and then depending on what shows we were working on, we were together…

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Creating together

Every year, we celebrate "FriendsMass," Christmas with my friends from college.  It is a moment of sanity in what is typically an insane season.   

Due to Covid, we missed the last two years, and finally got together this weekend. Between…

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The Oracle of the Pantry Door

When I was little, I really wanted to know how things would turn out. 

My mom still lives in the mid-century, split-level house I grew up in. You'd walk in the front door, have the living room on the immediate…

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Even Office Supplies Will Do

So, it was quite a week at the day job. 

You know, the day job, the place that gives us so many things in addition the means of keeping the roof over our heads: new friends! A sense of purpose…

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