The next right step

All collaboration begins with a willingness to hear and know what you want to create.  Willingness is the soil that allows an idea to germinate in your consciousness. 

Maybe the idea got there through conscious cultivation, maybe through benign neglect, or like a weed, was blown there by the wind.  Eventually, the seed grows to a point that it gets your attention. 

You admire its leaves.  Its flowers.  You find it's fruit is delicious, think you might be able to do something with it.  Or you just think it is lovely.  Somehow or other, you allow yourself to see that you want it to grow. 

From there, you turn to the experts.  Books.  Classes.  Examples.  Advice.

Now, perhaps, this idea is growing.  You begin to cherish it.  You enjoy all the parts of creating it, and if you don’t enjoy them, you at least derive a kind of satisfaction that is different from any other.  You are long past willingness and allowing: you want it. 

Everyone who has ever had an idea that wanted it to grow learns, there is no growth without collaboration.  If you want your idea to reach beyond yourself, and into or beyond your sphere of influence, you are going to need to collaboration. 

Here are some incredibly valid questions that invariably come up at this moment of recognition:  Will I have to compromise my idea?  What sacrifices will I have to make to involve others?  Will I lose control of my beautiful idea?  

And you know what?  You do have to answer these questions.  Just, maybe, not right now. 

Right now, if you have an idea that you’ve managed to steward through the wilds of your own willingness, into the forest of allowing, and know that you want to cultivate an entire garden from it, it is very, very possible that the only question you need to ask is: what is the one, next, right step I need to take? 

And then take it. 

Once you take that step, there will be another.  And another.  And pretty soon, the answers to the incredibly valid questions above may just answer themselves.  Or, you may not be as intimidated by sitting down and exploring the answers. 

This is the work I’m doing now.  Moving from unawareness, to awareness, and sharing my journey and processes with whoever would like to join me.

You’ll be hearing more about projects like the 11.20.20 Haiku Milieu virtual concert, potential new book(s) (!!) and more in the coming weeks. 

For now, if you’d like to join me and get a sense of how I have worked it out for myself to progress in collaboration and creative endeavor, you’re invited to participate in two, free meditations: The CREATE Mediation, Sunday through Friday, and The BUILD Mediation, Sunday & Friday. 

Simply email me, or PM me, for the Zoom link.

Until then, may we all find deep satisfaction in all that you are bringing to life.

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