Rising, illuminated

When you get together with friends, and start talking, the line blurs between collaboration and life, doesn't it?  If you've got the right friends, and if you're reading this blog I am quite sure that you do, chances are excellent that your whole life is a work of art.

This coming Wednesday, 10/28/20, one of my besties, Naomi Ashley, is hosting me and another of my besties, Jodi Pulick Walker, for a good old fashioned song-around at her monthly show, live streamed straight from her front porch.  I hope you can join us!  If you'd like the details, simply send me a note via email or messenger.

Or, simply go to the Naomi Ashley Band page on Facebook on Wednesday, 10/28 at 7 pm.

Meanwhile, this is an almost verbatim replay of a recent conversation...in haiku form, of course!




The point of it is

hold on, what was it again?

oh yes the point was


wait - did you just see

rising, illuminated

that one speck of dust


I can't see it now

like i lost my train of thought

it was there and gone


And more beautiful

for having been there and gone

from my line of sight


like what I wanted 

to say to you has fled me

I am dispossessed


of words I wished to

pour into your ears, vanished

but am I bereft?


No!  All is not lost

accumulating, the dust 

waits for the sunshine


like what I'd have said

will rise in my memory

and I'll tell you then


except if the light...

or that homemade apple pie...

or we start singing.


- Jenny Bienemann




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