Jim Bizer, Annie Capps: April 23: Haiku Milieu Duos Virtu-Concert

Life is not the same.  Yet, slowly, surely, like the flowers of spring, live music is returning. 

We tread cautiously, holding the urge to return to life alongside the knowing that it can never be the same. In a few months, Robin and I dip our toes back in.  We return to the “Two-s Day Night Special” at Hey Nonny that we launched just before the pandemic hit.  

Each month, alongside a fellow duo, we’ll share songs, poetry, and just generally try have a great time with the audience.  Robin may even have a new album to share with you by then. 

Gearing up for this, on April 23, we are hosting the Haiku Milieu Virtu-Concert: Duos Edition, sharing a sneak peek of the artists who will join us onstage at Hey Nonny on the last Tuesday of every month. 

Collaboration is a special thing.  Together, you harness the creative momentum within the greater whole to bring something to life.  Yet, even in a collaboration, you’ll find yourself in the trenches, alone with the task you’ve set before you.  

Here’s how two of our colleagues met the endeavor. 

Jim Bizer is a Michigan singer, songwriter, musician and producer who is participating in this show with his musical partner, Jan Krist, said this about the song he brings to this show: 

“I used pieces of various haikus of yours in the verses, so we can call this our first co-write.  Sorry to mangle them; I wanted the song to rhyme and fit a structure, so I had to alter them to greater or lesser degrees.   

“Speaking of structure, I got a little ambitious with form: each verse is six lines and the syllabic count is 5 7 5 5 7 5 (familiar?)  The bridge abandons that pattern, so sue me.  The song begins in 5/4 time, changes to 7/4 in the bridge and returns to 5/4 for the final verse, for another obsessive compulsive connection to haiku form.  It’s a short song; I let the final chord ring just long enough to nudge it past the 2:00 mark.  I wondered whether I should add another verse, but I’ve gotten to like it small.  See what you think.” 

Another Michigan artist, Annie Capps, one half of the duo Annie and Rod Capps, shared this about her piece: 

“I shared it with my Song Salon last night and we had a nice discussion about my intent versus what people heard and I really like when a song can be meaningful to others as it suits them not as I necessarily intend.  John Gorka once said "it's not my job to tell people what the song is about" and he also said, paraphrasing, ‘Once it's out there it's not mine anymore.’’” 

Check our their music when you have a moment.  I think you’ll love it – I know I do. 

Save the date for April 23, and join us for a soul-stirring evening of music.  Let's face what it means to move forward together into a world that is forever changed with music and collaboration.

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