"You gonna have to," said the little voice.

"I'm just going to ask him again."


My husband Robin Bienemann hardly ever uses exclamation points in his speaking voice. 

But there he was, and there they were, telling me to not ask this artist who had turned me down on collaborating on a potential tiny book project two times already, a third time.

I mean, I'd asked him twice, but so?   Maybe something was different now.  Maybe I hadn't made myself clear the first...or second...time.  Basically, I was going to ask this guy a third time because, you know.  (Have you met me?)  I just was.

But I heard that tone in Robin's voice, and I let it go. 

Whew.  OK.   Now what?

Because...I had a bigger problem now.  IF I was going to make a tiny book full of more, shall we say, pointed haiku, and IF I was going to release it alongside Haiku Milieu, Volume 2 for the Holiday Season...who was going to create the art for it???

"You are." said my graphic designer.

"You are, Mom," said my daughter.

"You gonna have to," said the little voice inside me, when I did not ask my 1st choice artist to do it for the third time.

So I went away and thought about it.  I had made a few drawings, when I was just starting to think about the project.

Let's see.


Do these images go with haiku like this:

"you have turned my love // into a deadly weapon // you use against me"


"when life hits us hard  //  well-meaning friends can make  // the unbearable worse"


"each dream you repress // becomes a grudge you can hold  // against those you love"


See why I was willing to ask someone else to do it 3 times?

But what if?


That is the magic question.  

What is the answer?

I don't know yet.

Come back next week.

I may have something to share by then.







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