Jenny's World and Welcome To It

The Legendary FitzGerald's

FitzGerald’s is much more than a legendary venue that, under the leadership of Bill FitzGerald and the watchful eye of Kate FitzGerald, was the first to present artists like Clifton Chenier, Marcia Ball, Pat McLaughlin.  It’s fans are legion, it’s…

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Rising, illuminated

When you get together with friends, and start talking, the line blurs between collaboration and life, doesn't it?  If you've got the right friends, and if you're reading this blog I am quite sure that you do, chances are excellent…

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The next right step

All collaboration begins with a willingness to hear and know what you want to create.  Willingness is the soil that allows an idea to germinate in your consciousness. 

Maybe the idea got there through conscious cultivation, maybe through benign neglect…

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Sam Frazier  

I am lucky enough to be in a couple of songwriter groups, one based in Chicago and one with people from all over the US.  The internet-based group is called The Tunesmiths, and I just spent September collaborating with two…

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"You gonna have to," said the little voice.

"I'm just going to ask him again."


My husband Robin Bienemann hardly ever uses exclamation points in his speaking voice. 

But there he was, and there they were, telling me to not ask this artist who had turned me…

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What if?

What if?

Sometimes I'm not ready to do something.  Or I need to do something, and I can't get started.

What if, I ask myself.

What if we were going to do Haiku Milieu volume 2, say, by the 2020…

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All collaboration is, is: giving and receiving.

The thing people most want to do in this life, is give. They want to give of themselves, and have it be received. 

All collaboration is, is: giving and receiving. Giving and receiving. Giving and receiving, over and over again…

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Friendship, love, and collaboration


Amy Dixon-Kolar wrote a beautiful song for the July 16, 2020 Haiku Milieu show.  You can find it here.  

As a singer songwriter, Amy has traveled the country, playing coffeehouses, clubs, schools, college campuses, festivals and house concerts.  Her…

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And then it happened.

James Curley and I have been friends for a long time.  I daresay, we have both been Irish that whole entire time.  We have certainly both been writing songs that whole time.  Very quickly, it became clear that we had…

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So that's both my kids helping me out.

I don’t know why a band that interprets and covers Bob Dylan songs has turned out to be a hotbed of personal and professional creativity.  I love being in the band The Zimmermen so much. 

First and foremost, because it’s…

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It takes a village.

You can get lost in a work of art.  Utterly, totally, devotedly lost. 

If healing is merely the willingness to change, then art that places you back in the center of your life, rather than in the periphery of everyone…

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