Jenny's World and Welcome To It

"A Stranger to Talk To"

Each Sunday, I send the Sunday Haiku Milieu email. The first Sunday of each month is New Song Sunday, and I include a new song.  Here is this month’s song, “Stranger.” 


There are two versions: the Sunday Haiku…

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not everything  
has to go on forever  
to be a success  
a relationship  
after all is said and done  
is merely a ship  
sailing the high seas  
one wave after another  
of more aliveness  
though you set the course  …

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Jonas Friddle and Anna Jacobson: The Moon This Morning

Jonas Friddle:  the man, the myth, the legend.  You can find more about him  here:

As his website will tell you, Jonas Friddle is a singer, songwriter and Old-Time banjo player whose songs have received The John Lennon Songwriting…

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Jenny's ABCs

"No" is not my favorite word.  I don't love it when a big old "no" comes at me, especially when it is coming FROM me. 

We live in a world of contrast.  "Yes" is as meaningful as it is, as…

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The Genesis of Haiku Milieu: Duos

I am a singer songwriter. I never considered myself a visual artist. I cried when I thought I had to pass an art class to graduate, as you learned last week.  Yet I had this romantic notion. 
I would take…

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A song is a bridge

It is one of the profound joys of my life to write alongside fellow songwriters, to bring songs to life solo or in collaboration, and to share them with the world. 

This Friday, April 23 at 7:30 pm via Facebook…

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The Joy of Doing Something You Don't Do

Did you notice?  I took a little side trip this week.  I decided to write haiku based on what I drew, rather than what I spied with my little eye in my surroundings. 
This was kind of a big deal…

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Love is the antidote to hate.

So much loss lately.   

Robin and I have lost 2 friends to Covid, one who was a year younger than I am, and in robust health.  We just went through St. Patrick’s Day, our first without my Dad, and for…

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Writing and (w)ripening

Someone asked, how do you make time for this to become part of your life?  How do you even find time to write?  That’s a good question, I thought. 

Let's start with when.  When does this happen exactly? 

Well let’s…

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