Jenny's World and Welcome To It

And then it happened.

James Curley and I have been friends for a long time.  I daresay, we have both been Irish that whole entire time.  We have certainly both been writing songs that whole time.  Very quickly, it became clear that we had…

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So that's both my kids helping me out.

I don’t know why a band that interprets and covers Bob Dylan songs has turned out to be a hotbed of personal and professional creativity.  I love being in the band The Zimmermen so much. 

First and foremost, because it’s…

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It takes a village.

You can get lost in a work of art.  Utterly, totally, devotedly lost. 

If healing is merely the willingness to change, then art that places you back in the center of your life, rather than in the periphery of everyone…

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Just being in the moment.

At the 7.16.20 “Haiku Milieu: Begin with the End in Mind” premiering at the Jenny Bienemann Music page on Facebook, you will hear a song written by Robin Bienemann and Dave Walker. 

David Singleton Walker, aka “Dave Walker,” is one…

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There was just one teensy, tiny word...  

By the time you read this, we will cautiously be going places, sitting outside, smiling at each other from at least 6 feet apart.  But still.  The quarantine, the bubble around us, is real, even if invisible.  I don’t think…

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What is it about the bathroom? 

Part One: SOLID. 

In case you want to watch the video first, here's the link to SOLID,, written by me, Jamey Clark and Andrea Wittgens, with animation by Joe Fournier. 

It was about that time of night. It had…

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What would you be, if you didn't even try?

The message came in at 10:30 pm on Wednesday night.  I had just posted a video to Facebook promising a special surprise on Friday.  And now, my video editor hit a road block that would make completion of the video…

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