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The Twos-Day Night Special at Hey Nonny with special guests Chris Neville and Chris Siebold

Hey Nonny

Little Epiphanies, a songwriting workshop with Jenny Bienemann

Old Town School of Folk Music

You will amaze yourself. Yes, you are a wonder (you are!) and yes, you are a songwriting machine. You have demonstrated that again and again, even if you’re just starting out. But this is not about proving anything.

This is about encountering what you already know you know, but don’t remember that you know.

In this 80 minute workshop, we will use a multi-disciplinary approach that engages our senses, leverages our surroundings to arrive at/remember the little epiphanies that are the building blocks of truly great songs, and helps us explore where, within the structure of a song, they will be most resonant.


Steve Dawson album release concert for "At the Bottom of a Canyon in the Branches of a Tree"

Old Town School of Folk Music, 4544 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Phenomenal new album from the legendary Chicago-based Steve Dawson. The songs on the album will be brought to life by Quartet Parapluie, Steve's wife Diane Christansen, and a cadre of devoted musicians. Jenny sings backups.

"Bringing your Songs to Life - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach" workshop with Jenny Bienemann

Jenny is a singer, songwriter, poet, photographer, and artist. Her workshop "Bringing your Songs to Life - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach" takes place via Zoom, as part of Mark Dvorak's Music and Potluck's Folktober 2021 series. Jenny has shared her methods for creativity and collaboration at the Old Town School of Folk Music, the Acorn Theatre, Lamb's Retreat for Songwriters, and more. Come experience the difference a multi-disciplinary approach makes. Mark Dvorak and Steve Dawson will also be offering 1 hour workshops - more information will be available soon, here:


Folktober Fest: Mark Dvorak, Steve Dawson, Jenny Bienemann in concert