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Previous events

Haiku Milieu Virtu-Concert: DUOS!

Via Facebook Live and YouTube

During this Virtu-Concert, 15 amazing duos bring Haiku Milieu images and haiku to life in song. And video! Join us for a festival of songwriting, creativity and collaboration.

Artists include: Jenny and Robin Bienemann, Ashley and Simpson, Jim Bizer and Jan Krist, Annie and Rod Capps, Steve Dawson and Diane Christiansen, Rachel Drew and John Syzmanski, Jonas Friddle and Anna Jacobson, Ingrid Graudins, Klem Hayes, Anne Heaton, Ernie Hendrickson and Pete Muschong, Deb Lader and Evan Silver, Ron Lazzeretti and Dave Walker, Anna Sacks and Marcus Trana, Jodi Walker and Kay Williams.

Concert art created by Rebecca Jasso.


Sue Fink's Virtual Dream Cafe with Jenny & Robin Bienemann and Wendy Parman



My Folky Valentine, The Ark with Annie and Rod Capps, and Miles and Mafale

The Ark


Don White's Weekly Concert and Afterparty