Rachel Drew: A feeling wells up

Somewhere in the middle of a story well told, you begin to feel seen.  Like someone has heard the secrets you locked away deep in the dark.  You are seen.  Known. 

I love the act of bringing things to life…

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Pat Brennan and Chris Neville: 5 - 7 - 5 


Pat Brennan.  Chris Neville.  The men, the myths, the legends. 

This is the first time in the history of the Collaboration Blog that two people have collaborated to bring the blog itself to life.

It is fitting that it is…

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Baby, why you wash the dishes?

This week's guest blogger is musician, songwriter, friend, and voracious reader, Terry White.  

I got to know Terry backwards.  We were mixing the same studio, Joyride, with our mutual friend Blaise Barton.  "You don't know Terry?"  he would say.  "Nicest…

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Maybe it would do the same for you.  

I find myself at a loss for the words to adequately express how much it enriches me, my artistic practice, and my work I as a singer, songwriter, poet and photographer, to consider how much I don’t know, and to…

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Misha Fiksel: Just to be clear, I was going on a hunch. 

This week's guest blogger is Mikhail Fiksel, https://mikhailfiksel.com/.

FIRST OF ALL.  When you hear something that makes you stop in your tracks?  That makes you pause for a moment, when that is exactly NOT what you are supposed to be…

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Mike Janowski: Do you know anyone?


“That was fun,” said Terry White at Friendly Tap after our November 15, 2019 Haiku Milieu show. “When are you going to do this whole Haiku Milieu concert thing again?” “Oh God, Terry, “ I said. “Maybe never. I would…

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Klem Hayes: Everybody has a secret.

2020: The Year of Bringing Things to Life with Other People

Klem Hayes:  Zeus of the Bass.  Also, husband.  Father.  Friend.  Consumer of chocolate.  Occasional writer of songs, but generally content to let the bass do the talking.  His great…

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