Let's DO this!

Sending this with the very warmest Thanksgiving greetings!  
I hope your Season is off to a beautiful start.   

As I write this, the rain is falling with a gentle insistence, as if to say:  
Do the things you got talked…

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2023 Haiku Milieu Calendar!


SO MUCH good news to share! 

The first-ever Haiku Milieu Calendar debuts in stocking-stuffer size for 2023! 

The debut of the 2022 Haiku Milieu Holiday Card! 

And…drumroll please… 

HAIKUMILIEU.ART will be live this Black Friday!!!  With fun things for you…

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We Got This! Or, Me and the Allen Wrench

This is me, finally getting an Allen wrench to work! 

I wish you a week where you pick the right key for every lock, glide it in smoothly, open the door and walk in with a sense of accomplishment, every…

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Your Better Angels, a haiku poem

Your Better Angels
A Haiku poem by Jenny Bienemann

Your better angels
want you to know they are there
watching over you  

Every heart must learn
to fly and fall and not break
so they send you birds

Birds will…

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"Fall"-ing in Love

"FALL"-ing in love.

If there is a secret to triumphing over the inevitable dispossessions of age and its trusty sidekick existential despair, it has to be falling in love.  And the light of Autumn?  The air?  The sense of possibility…

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Tristan's Way

Tristan’s Way 
Jenny Bienemann 

Tristan was a cat 
born on a construction site 
who just loved to work 

Say you were crouched down 
digging through the old junk drawer 
he’d climb in to help 

or doing laundry 
he’d lie on…

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Haiku Milieu: 5 years on

FIVE YEARS!  September 10 marks five years of creating an image, and writing haiku.  Everything else that Haiku Milieu has done or will do, grows from the simple decision to do a little something every day. 

I remember why I…

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Haiku After Dark


On the Friday of Labor Day weekend, September 2022, 20 artists took the FitzGerald’s Sidebar stage by storm, bringing their new songs and spoken word pieces into the world, aided and abetted by an incredible band.

Originally intended as a…

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FRIDAY: Haiku After Dark

Next Friday, 9/2, 9 pm! The long-awaited Haiku After Dark concert at FitzGerald’s is almost here!  We’d love it if you can join us.  

Back in 2019, to celebrate the release of the first Haiku Milieu book, “Haiku Milieu, Photo

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