Mike Janowski: Do you know anyone?


“That was fun,” said Terry White at Friendly Tap after our November 15, 2019 Haiku Milieu show. “When are you going to do this whole Haiku Milieu concert thing again?” “Oh God, Terry, “ I said. “Maybe never. I would…

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Klem Hayes: Everybody has a secret.

2020: The Year of Bringing Things to Life with Other People

Klem Hayes:  Zeus of the Bass.  Also, husband.  Father.  Friend.  Consumer of chocolate.  Occasional writer of songs, but generally content to let the bass do the talking.  His great…

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Collaboration disables fear

2020: THE YEAR of COLLABORATION continues. 

How often do we feel something we create has to become Something for it to matter? That it must “prove” its worth, value, and, most subtly, our validity as endeavor-ers? 

Many artists will tell…

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FitzGerald's Open Mic

2020: the year of collaboration continues. 

We have to “make” so many things. It starts first thing in the day with “making the bed.” “making the coffee.” “making nice,” so we can “make a living.” If we get in an…

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Robin Bienemann on Collaboration with "Hey Nonny" song

2020: THE YEAR of COLLABORATION continues. Enjoy this post from guest commentator Robin Bienemann. 

Chip Brooks at HeyNonnyAH in Arlington Heights invited Jenny and me to pitch a regular series on a Tuesday night at their excellent music club. We…

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"Isn't it Nice" collaboration with Robin Bienemann

Each Monday, I am sharing a work brought to life through collaboration, and this week I give you: "Isn't it Nice" by Robin and me: https://youtu.be/njRc55zXGOQ 

The idea came to me while I was driving. I called Robin and said…

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