May 10: Haiku Milieu at The Venue!

It’s TRUE!

Haiku Milieu comes to The Venue in Aurora, May 10, 8:00 pm. The trailer is all ready for you, here

Get your tickets and get your carpools going, you do NOT want to miss this!

20 amazing…

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NEW BOOK: "Sundays with Jenny Bienemann"

Brand new book!
"SUNDAYS with JENNY BIENEMANN” available Mother’s Day, 2024!

It came up suddenly. The urge to make a new book and have it ready for our show at the venue on May 10, 2024 the Friday before Mother’s…

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Naomi Ashley's new album "Love Bug"

Naomi Ashley’s brilliant new album, “Love Bug.”

Singer/songwriter Naomi Ashley has a phenomenal new album out!

And guess what else: a number of the songs were inspired by the haiku and photo I wrote and shared as part of Haiku…

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Live Music = LOVE



Mike Konen, photo credit from Heather Horton’s January 18, 2024 concert


Not that stuff they have on in the background of the grocery store or the doctor's office; although that can be fun too.…

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Extraordinarily Grateful!

Ideally, this is how the New Year has started off for you too.

Maybe not in a llama onesie, getting ready to plunge into the icy depths of Lake Michigan with 500 of your closest friends at the 44th Parallel…

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Merry Christmas!

May your holiday season be full of the things that make your heart sing!

Whether that’s time in the company of those you hold dear, or time in the solicitude of your own thoughts, the best gift we can give…

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Give Thanks for All Of It

Be part of it all! Sign up at

This Thanksgiving Sunday's Haiku Milieu is a celebration of our dear and beloved family and friends near and far, like those in the photo the band The Zimmerman, taken by John…

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Mimi and Ezra

When my daughter was little and learning to speak, she called everyone in the family by the second half of their first names.  So my dad, Grandpa, was “Papa;” her dad, Daddy, was “Didi;” my mom, Grandma (who would ultimately…

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Shadows lengthen and home fires burn brighter

It’s a special time of year.

We are attuning to the cycles of the Earth, the temporary fallowness of the fields, and all that we may have neglected in ourselves in the rush to make the most of the sunlit…

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