"Isn't it Nice" collaboration with Robin Bienemann

Each Monday, I am sharing a work brought to life through collaboration, and this week I give you: "Isn't it Nice" by Robin and me: https://youtu.be/njRc55zXGOQ 

The idea came to me while I was driving. I called Robin and said, "I have an idea I want to write with you!" "Ok..." he said, not knowing what the idea was, or how he would find time away from his own creative work to work collaboratively. We both only knew that I was excited about the idea, and that it would be our first time collaborating on our home turf. 

I wrote the melody in the car, recorded it on my voice memos app, and sent it to him. I kept tinkering. About a week later, we sat out on our porch one Sunday morning, discovering the intro, the chords, and building the bridge section. It was fun...and also several times, we broke a sweat. And not just because it was warm out, know what I mean? Two people with strong ideas coming together to build something new? It is simple, it is FUN, it is almost always fantastically rewarding, yet not always easy. 

It would take another two months of tweaking and a solid deadline to complete the song. We knew we wanted to play it with the Jenny & Friends Band at the 1-year celebration of Jenny & Friends at FitzGerald's Nightclub. We finished the song the night before our rehearsal, and the next night our friend Marshall Hjertstedt captured it when we played for Fitzgerald's Tuesday Night Musicians at the Open Mic. Hope you enjoy. 

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