8/30: The Songs Are Coming!! Haiku Milieu After Dark


Friday, August 30, the Friday of Labor Day weekend, it's the third annual Haiku Milieu After Dark!

Like a red carpet but for songs, Haiku Milieu Concerts are a cavalcade of world premiere songs inspired by a Haiku Milieu image and haiku, backed by a band of legends who have shared stages with musical heros too numerous to mention.

The "After Dark" Haiku Milieu features sexy songs. Heartbreaking songs. Songs of love, loss and redemption - songs about things we can only talk about after the kids go to bed.

These are the artists sharing their prodigious talents:

Naomi Ashley, Leslie Beukelman, Robin Bienemann, Andon Davis, Rachel Drew, Gerald Dowd, Steve Frisbie, Joe Gorka, Klem Hayes, Ernie Hendrickson, Kelli Owens Hutton, Jodee Lewis, Ron Lazzeretti, Chris Neville, Nikki O'Neill, Rachel Swain, Ukulele Duke and Luke, Cathie Van Wert, Jodi Walker
The After Dark band:
John Abbey, Gerald Dowd, Alton Smith, Scott Tipping
With "Haiku Your Milieu" by:
Marilyn Rea Beyer, Mark Guarino, Isaac Lyons, Paul Wendell Obis

And in breaking news, Rachel Swain just shared her new Haiku Milieu song, the first that has been written for this show.

Catch her at The American Music Fest at FitzGerald's this Wednesday on July 3, and you'll be as captivated as I am by the imagery in her songs and the expressiveness of her voice.

You may remember we launched a little book with the most recent Haiku Milieu show at The Venue in Aurora: "Sundays with Jenny."

NOT TO BE OUT DONE, the 2024 Haiku Milieu After Dark boasts an extremly limited run of Haiku Milieu t-shirts in two brand new styles: the classic muscle tee, and the festival tee. 

Both feature the classic Haiku Milieu After Dark logo collaboratively developed by Cathie Van Wert and myself on t-shirts of superior softness and durability.

Flowy. Flattering. Fabulous!

Both t-shirts are made of performance-grade fabrics with fade-resistant colors.


In these flattering-to-every-body-type shirts, the only thing hotter than August in Chicago is gonna be YOU!


And just like summer, once this run of shirts is gone, mi amor, they're gone until next year. 

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