NEW BOOK: "Sundays with Jenny Bienemann"

Brand new book!
"SUNDAYS with JENNY BIENEMANN” available Mother’s Day, 2024!

It came up suddenly. The urge to make a new book and have it ready for our show at the venue on May 10, 2024 the Friday before Mother’s Day. 

Reason kicked in. "That's so soon," I thought, and pushed the thought aside. "I'll think about this for August," I said to myself and went on living.

But right after Easter, the feeling came over me like nothing I have experienced before.

If you have ever felt the pull of your calling, you know that it actually takes less work to heed its call than to pretend you can't hear it.  

Suddenly, my early mornings, lunch breaks, and late nights were all about feeling into the haiku of the past 3+ years to share with you in a book that was more than a 250-page, full-color collection of haiku and images, it would be a summoning tool for the strength, peace and clarity that is uniquely present on Sundays.

"Sundays with Jenny Bienemann."

Full of everything I’ve learned from publishing the Sunday Haiku Milieu newsletter since September of 2019, every Sunday of the year with no exceptions: things I’ve experienced about the creative process, grief and love and more.

Yes, it has haiku you’ve come to expect, one image, one 3-line haiku, and in abundance.

But "Sundays" also has long form poems, the answers I have found to living life day-by-day, moment-by-moment, through ease and difficulty.

And by answer, I mean response, not the nail in the coffin of the question.  If there is one thing I've learned from doing Haiku Milieu, it's that the questions will never, can never, and should never stop. It is what propells us forward!

You reading my work and coming to Haiku Milieu, Jenny Bienemann, and/or Jenny and Robin Bienemann concerts means the world to me. You have a special place in my heart, and you need do nothing more to secure it.

That said, if you care to pick up this book for yourself, or for Mother's Day, or for no reason at all, I'd be heartily grateful.  Simply go here.

I could tell you that sales of “Sundays with Jenny” will help provide the financial foundation to help me bring Haiku Milieu concerts to life. I could say that proceeds from the book help me continue to share the haiku and music that you have come to enjoy on a free-will basis. I might also say that, like the cost of everything else, the cost to create books has greatly increased, especially if you choose (like I do) to work with US printers.

But on a much more essential level, your purchasing the book will encourage me. It will fill the gas tank of my resolve. It will raise my spirits.

Whether you purchase a book or no, I'm grateful for you.

If you decide to make this new book part of your life, or part of the life of someone you love, simply click here or the image above for advance purchase"Sundays with Jenny Bienemann." 

And, if in addition to purchasing a gift for someone you love around Mother's Day, if you happen to be looking for an unforgettable experience, I heartily recommend joining us for Haiku Milieu at The Venue on May 10. You can click here for tickets, or on the photo below. 

Thanks for being part of my 'Milieu.


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