Every Soul Grows to the Light

by Jenny Bienemann

  • 02:35 Download Lyrics Wake Up


    Jenny Bienemann and Geri X 


    Come on come on, wake up

    Open your eyes, the world is outside

    Waiting, waiting for you to arrive

    Wake up, wake up, crawl out of bed

    You don’t have to talk

    Maybe, maybe I’ll let you kiss me

    I know you want to stay in bed

    With pillows underneath your bed

    But baby, you’ve got a job

    And I need you

    We all need you to wake up

    Come on come on, wake up


  • 04:20 Download Lyrics Biggest Mistake


    Jenny Bienemann


    Flipping through the magazine of my grudges on Sunday

    I have nothing to complain about

    Maybe that’s why I keep wondering why

    You didn’t come around


    Maybe you weren’t alone

    Simply weren’t free

    Or maybe the biggest mistake you didn’t make

    Was me


    Was it a misunderstanding in the rain

    Or a promise better broken than kept

    I don’t know why I can’t stop wondering why

    You didn’t come back


    Maybe you were tired, had to get off your feet

    Or maybe the biggest mistake you didn’t make

    Was meeting me


                                    Oh, they all say time will heal this pain

                                    Oh, they all say we’ll get back to normal again

                                    They don’t say when I will feel better

                                    They only say someday I will


    Turn left I’m right by the tree

    It’s coming down hard now, and I fell down good

    Wondering why you did not come for me

    When somehow, somehow, I just thought you would


    Maybe you were stranded, out in the cold

    Or maybe the biggest mistake you didn’t make

    Was holding me



  • 04:29 Download Lyrics Quicksand


    Jenny Bienemann



    I know who you are, you fall down so hard

    I know who you are, on your knees in the dark

    I’ve got your hand when nothing goes as planned

    And everything feels just like quicksand


    When your words do

    The opposite of what you

    Want them to do

    Find me, I’ll be tugging at your sleeve




             Of all the cruel things the darkness

             Would lead you to believe

    The  worst is that you could do something

    Or say something and somehow cease

    To be mine, you will always be mine


    So when what you choose

    Is contradicts what you

    Thought you would do

    Find me, in the air you breathe

    Find me,  I’ll be tugging at your sleeve

    Find me, I’ll be singing you to sleep





  • 03:43 Download Lyrics Out on a Limb


    Jenny Bienemann


    Out on limb, way up in a tree

    I’d like to think you are up here with me


    It’s the plain and simple truth

    Wherever I am, I am with you


    When daylight runs out and evening turns cold

    You might think being out on a limb would get old


    But it’s such a great view

    Up here where I can almost see you


    I wish things were easier, most days for sure

    I wish the wolf was further from the door

    Even if my wishes came true

    I’d still be happiest when I think of you


    So let it all come, the ebb and the flow

    The conquests, the losses, and all the people we know


    Through it all I’ll surrender

    Wherever we are, we are together

  • 03:30 Download Lyrics You Are Where I'm From


    Jenny Bienemann


    I know I’m not in love with you

    But sometimes I get confused

    Do we know each other like I think we do

    Is it an illusion pretending to be true

    It’s a miracle when we find anyone

    And you are where I’m from


    You are where I’m from


    I know I’m not in love with you

    You just remind me of what I had to do

    Those I had to leave, what was carelessly tosses

    What  I gave away, what was lost

    It’s a miracle we continue to become

    And you are where I’m from


    You are where I’m from


    And all the hidden places

    I’d been careful not to show

    When I’m with you something in me

    Opens slow


    I know I’m not in love with you

    And I think you know it too

    When I’m too glad to see you

    When I stare too long

    When I put my foot in my mouth

    And say something so wrong

    It’s a miracle when we find someone

    And you are where I’m from

  • 06:14 Download Lyrics Pay the Piper


    Jenny Bienemann


    Each morning on this very street

    The Piper and the Devil’s paths cross, and their eyes meet

    The Piper is aching, he rubs tired eyes

    The Devil is laughing, leaning against the side of his gleaming Rolls Royce


    He says, “Hey Piper, hey friend,

    See you dropping your invoice always at the end of a hard day

    They see you coming, they start running

    They pay what’s owing by throwing crumpled dollar bills over their shoulder


    "Now me, I get paid

    I mean, paid; I mean, really really really really well paid

    Down on one knee, that’s how they greet me

    With all their money in smooth piles of thousand dollar bills


    "Allelu-YUM!  They’re under my thumb

    If they think that it will help they’ll eat it by the ton.


    "Friend, you work too hard

    You gotta let life knock ‘em down, cause when they drop their guard

    The tinest thing, they think the sky is falling

    It’s appalling how fast they pick up when they see it’s me calling


    "Piper, use your brain

    No one wants to pay for what they use, wait till they’re in pain

    If they think you’ll cure, they will pay for sure

    Even when it hurts they’ll never stop to ask if you’re a blessing or a curse


    Allelu-YAY!  The Devil saved the day!

    If they think that you will save them, they will pay and pay .”


                The Piper says to his nemesis

                “I see what you always miss

                 How each soul grows to the light

                 How all your work can be undone in one flash of insight.


                  "Allelu-MAN!  They just got the plan

                  Now they know they have to save themselves,

                  You’re on the lam.”


    Each morning it goes this way

    The Devil gets his feelings hurt and hits the highway

    The Piper is kneeling, he is bending low

    To lift a daisy to his buttonhole



  • 02:36 Download Lyrics Today


    Jenny Bienemann


    Today is a song I made up yesterday

    Tomorrow may come, but who can say

    Today is a song I made up yesterday


    Yesterday is a dream I had the day before

    I thought today might come, but could not be sure

    Yesterday is a dream I had the day before


    Tomorrow is a wish I make for you and me

    It’s likely to come true, but we’ll have to see

    Tomorrow is a wish I make for you and me


  • 03:19 Download Lyrics Love Resplendent


    Jenny Bienemann


    Love, resplendent

    Love, transcendent

    Love, incandescent and true

    Love, embracing

    Love, retracing

    Love, erasing with its warmest light

    All the things

    That you thought you’d never be able to make right


    Hope, startling

    Hope, heartening

    Hope, sparkling and true

    Hope, revealing

    Hope, appealing

    Hope, healing with its gentle hands

    All the things

    That didn’t turn out the way that you wished they had


    Hold on, don’t let go


    You, aching

    You, breaking

    You, shaking and true

    Me, stumbling

    Me, tumbling

    Me, fumbling with the fondest heart

    For the words

    To lift you as you’ve lifted me when things fall apart


    Hold on, don’t let go 

  • 02:58 Download Lyrics The Monster


    Jenny Bienemann and Carley Baer


    All my life I’ve been afraid of a monster

    See him peeking from behind a tree

    Hear him whisper to me as I wander

    This what he’d say to me


             Life is hard

             The world is scary

             People can be cruel


    Then one day he came up right behind me

    And I invited him in for tea

    He said I’d only gotten half the story

    This is what he tried to say to me


             Life is hard, don’t get numb

             The world is scary, but you belong

             People can be cruel, but you’ll find

             They’re far more often kind


    Now he has a certain kind of sweetness

    Like molasses in my tea

    When the world gets overwhelming

    On the bridge between awake and asleep

    I hear him say


             Life is hard, don’t get numb

             The world is scary, but you belong

             People can be cruel, but you’ll find

             They’re far more often kind

  • 05:05 Download Lyrics You Never Know

    You Never Know

    Jenny Bienemann


    Climb up the stairs, turn down the light

    Let the whole world spin without us tonight

    My mind is racing, it won’t slow down much

    Until I feel the warmth of your touch


    You never know, you never know

    You never know how lonely you are

    Until you’re not


    Picked up the phone, it was a long-lost friend

    She’d been traveling, was back in town again

    We got to laughing and when it turned to tears she said

    I didn’t know how much I missed my friends back here


    You never know, you never know

    You never know how lonely you are until you’re not


    And all the things I thought I had to fear

    Fade away whenever

    You are near


    I lay me down in your sheltering arms

    Pray for peace and deliverance from

    The greatest harm that could come to you and me

    Which is if one of us forgets we used to be so lonely

    And now we’re not

    Now we’re not


  • 03:50 Download Lyrics Figuratively


    Jenny Bienemann


    You and me, figuratively


    Today someone like you

    Sat down next to

    Someone like me

    And suddenly its there

    The knowing between us

    The lightning in the air

    The burst of light on all the things

    We’d hidden with such care


    You and me, figuratively


    A heart poured into a stranger’s ear

    That lays its burdens bare

    Within the warmth of a strangers eyes

    May start to find repair


    Today someone like you

    Stands up next to

    Someone like me

    And before we take our leave

    We lean and whisper

    Words we know we are blessed

    And then go on our separate ways

    Towards those who love us best


    You and me 


  • 02:04 Download Morning Light
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